How to join Esprit Friends

Still not an Esprit Friends member?

But you'd like to be one — preferably right now? Simply go to one of the participating Esprit Stores and ask for your Esprit Friends Pre-Card at the receipt/ cash register after you made your purchase. Or if you're shopping on the web anyway — just register yourself at Esprit Friends simply by filling out the e-shop order form.

Register online

Lost your Esprit Friends Pre-Card?

Before you register online the Pre-Card is a so-called holder document and can be used by anyone. Please report the loss or misuse of the card by informing a member of staff in one of our stores of your card number. With this information we can immediately block your card.

If you lose your Pre-Card before registering online we will need the receipt from your first purchase in order to delete the points from your old card and to issue you with a new Pre-Card.

If you have already registered online then your personal Esprit Friends Card is already on its way to you. The Pre-Card PIN can no longer be used and therefore changes to and misuse of the Pre-Card are no longer possible.