Help to login

Login with the Esprit Friends Card

For your first login, your password is initially the same as your date of birth. Please note the format: DDMMYYYY.

It usually takes 1-2 working days to activate your membership account after you have registered online. Your first purchase must be matched to your online registration before you can login for the first time. You can then login to Esprit Friends to check your e-points balance, change your password or update your personal details.

To change your password, please go to 'change my password' under 'my account'. Enter your old password once and your new password twice and then click on 'save'.

Forgotten your password? Simply send an e-mail to our Esprit Friends Service team at You can also call Esprit Friends Service directly on the following service number:

Tel: 01 385 11 73 1
Fax: 01 385 11 74 2

1 Landline toll: please contact your local net provider. Available: Mon - Fri 8 - 22, Sat 8 - 22 , Sun 8 - 22 h.

2 Fax toll: please contact your local net provider.